StackPC specification features

New system approach

• Stack Up Only • Communication interfaces support through the stack connector • Minimization of wired connections • System power connector standardization • High-speed PCIe x1, x4 expansion buses support

Compatibility with other Stackable Specifications

• Compatibility with PCIe/104 and PC/104-Express connectors (1 BANK is the same) • Compatibility with PCI/104

Ruggedized system development

• Possibility to use the PC/104, EPIC, EBX, 3,5” systems enclosures • Easy design of custom rugged enclosures • Unified approach to heat-spreaders design

Easy design&development modules

• No need for complex topology and signal switches for interfaces on stack connectors • Easy to design StackPC modules ,fully compatible with PCIe/104

COM-type application of StackPC modules