• StackPC-PCI CPU CPC805

  • StackPC-PCI CPU CPC309

  • StackPC-PCI EXP KIC301

  • StackPC-PCI EXP NIM354

  • StackPC-PWR PS352

  • StackPC IO TMIC309 OEM

  • StackPC IO TST1801 TEST

  • StackPC-FPE OXY5535B Preliminary

  • StackPC EXP SK401 Preliminary

  • StackPC EXP SK506 Preliminary

  • StackPC EXP SK210 Preliminary

  • StackPC-FPE Carrier SK507 Preliminary

  • StackPC-PWR SK704 Preliminary

  • Sundance SMT116-30 PC/104-Express

  • PEAK Systems IPEH-003055 PC/104-Express

  • Men Micro 15PX01-00 miniPCIe

New Standard of Embedded Stackable Systems Design

The StackPC Specification defines new approach to stackable systems design and development. The specification includes all valuable heritage of PC/104 standards along with the new features of StackPC connector.

The main competitive distinction of the StackPC connector is the combination of most popular low speed interfaces such as USB, COM, CAN, SPI, LPC and high speed SATA, Gigabit Ethernet and PCI-Express x1, x4 within one stack expansion connector.

This combination allows to minimize the number of wired connections inside the stack system enclosure and gives more design and manufacturing flexibility.

The StackPC modules are much easier to be designed due to the consistent stack up systems development only . This approach doesn’t require placing high speed and low speed signal switches. The stack direction specifies the mechanical part on host and peripheral modules, which makes them cost-effective as well as easy to design, verify and use. The unified approach to stack power supply and communication interfaces output is aimed to increase the different vendors products’ compatibility.